Monday, 9 November 2015

Week 45 Darwin Au

Week 45 Darwin NT

Kia Orana Family!

What a Beautiful Day it is in the Northern Territory! Had an amazing opporutnity yesterday, to be able to baptise one of our investigators. The chapel font is under construction so got to baptise him in a members pool :D (Probably the closest/ first and last time ill ever get to go in a pool lol) But what an experience it was.

Been really hektic up here, ive never wanted to be in Leadership on the mission because ive seen the stress it has bought to other missionaries lol. Yet my companion is helping out alot with it. So many things to do up here, had to move a few flats, teach, find, help, uplift, inspire, encourage and at the end of the day, we still baptised. First baptism in Darwin for many years! 

Ill be honest with you all here. Many things have changed since ive been out here. Im not sure if most of you already knew, but my desire to serve a mission back before i came out, was not even strong... I guess i came out on selfish reasons you know? Like because i did know it was the right thing to do, yet i was so prideful... and liked the attention from people being happy that i was leaving.. It wasnt for the Lord at first... it was me being selfish aye.

Being out here for almost a year now (OMG) ive come to look at things in a different perspective. And I wish I could have seen this a long time ago. There truly is more that meets the eye. Take that time to sit back and ponder in your busy lives. That everlasting peace that some search for can be closer then you really think. The skills ive learned as a missionary thus far, are not just for here, but they are skills, talents and ideas to take home too. I can say now that this has been the best decision I have ever made in my entire life. (of 19 years lol) It has not been about me anymore, but more so doing what needs to be done. Im grateful to have been raised up in one of the Hardest working families, surrounded by the Hardest working people I know. And i apologise for being real lazy back home -.- But my eyes have been opened. There is work to do, and im forever grateful for the family I have. You are my rock, my motivation and my blood.

I pray for each one of you every night.. (even though i may fall asleep during it) I still finish when i know you have all been mentioned. No matter what the future holds, i know that as our "hearts are knit together" we can accomplish anything.

I leave my testimony of a loving savior, who is here for all of us, no matter who you are, where you are or even what you are going through. There is someone there. I know each of you have had your own spiritual experiences down the track, that is something that has been revealed to me, God lives, Jesus IS the Christ, there is only one way to find out. Ill let you figure the rest out ;) But always remember, that I love you no matter the choices you make, we are and will always be family. 
"In a world of Give and Take, there are not enough men willing to Give what it Takes."

Forever in my Heart.,
Elder Makai
Celebrating Abs Win last Mon on our Pday

Lunch is served to our Zone.