Monday, 27 April 2015

Week 18 Hasten the Work

Good Week in Mildura

How great the joy of my heart is to hear of a wonderful deed done by more family which has been found again. From the second week of my Mission, it has always been on my mind about doing the work for nana and papa, i wasn't sure if you and dad had set a specific date, So i prayed and asked Heavenly Father to make it known whether this work has been done, or needs hastening. There is my answer. What exciting news to hear of our family history work picking up again, i wish i was there to assist in the work, its something i really would love to do. But its okay, get as many people done as possible.

What a wonderful Miracle that is though to witness,. Thank you mum for sharing that with me.

My Blessing, letters and photos arrived today, thank you so much they are perfect. The family looks amazing!

This week in Mildura we have done a lot of work, one of our investigators is now committed to baptism, we told her she can choose the date, she said "I want to be baptised the day after my birthday... 30th May" I didn't realise straight away until a bit later... shes born on 29th May as well :L We are getting her Uncle to Baptise her because he is a Solid young man in the Gospel. The family we are teaching are half Tongan and half Cook Island from Penrin. Had a lot of great lessons with the family and they seem to be getting a spiritual vibe. We have worked with them to set goals and make plans for something to work towards. May is going to be a great month, we are going to hasten the work in Mildura South. Its been a good week here in Mildura i guess, we have our challenges, spiritually, physically, mentally, temporally and emotionally. But we still persevere. Its true the quote "A Mission is the Best but Hardest 2 years of your life, you will struggle physically, spiritually and emotionally." It has been painful at times, im praying a lot for strength, not only for me but for you all as well. Just hoping and praying that everything goes well, its hard at times but i like the challenge. Just a scripture that really stands out to me "For we walk by Faith and not by Sight" - At times its hard to determine whether this is right or wrong, whether we are on the right path or not, our faith gets tested so much that we will tend to give up. We need to stop looking ahead at our future and start trusting that the Lord has things planned for us and is waiting for us to take those steps in order to receive the blessings that he has in store. We cannot see our future, so we must rely on the man who can. I leave you my testimony in the name Jesus Christ Amen.

Love you all
Elder Makai 
ZAAM Zion Australia Adelaide Mission

Monday, 20 April 2015

Week 17 Branch becomes a Ward

Week 17, Our Branch becomes a Ward!!!

We had a a great FHE with Koia family. It was amazing, just a great  fellowshipping activity that started with an awesome lesson from sister Koia about who we really are and ended in an activity famous in our household... Charades! 

It has been a pretty productive week. I believe that my spiritual highlight happened on Sunday. President and Sister Carter came up as well as the Firle stake Presidency for a special zone conference. A miracle occured. Mildura Branch is now Mildura Ward and part of the Adelaide Firle Stake. It was such a blessing to see the reactions on the members faces when it was announced, the whole chapel was filled with the spirit, many years this ward has laboured hard and now they have been found worthy and qualify to become a Ward and part of a stake! 

As the announcement was happening i payed close attention to the Branch President who has been newly called as the Bishop in Mildura Ward, its just a blessing to see the Fulfillment of D&C 88:73, the lord is hastening his work, their is an excitement here in the Ward and work is moving forward, we are working close with the members and really doing all we can to build Zion, its a great blessing to see the excitement for Missionary Work and we are excited to see what the Lord has in store (': It has been a pretty full on week this week, just alot of finding and teaching been happening and its pretty exciting! Transfers end in 2weeks then i will be hitting my 5month mark. I cant believe i turn 19 next month, i feel old hahaha.

 Well anyway im still loving it here on the mission field, its an amazing experience and i have learned sooo much. The thing i love here is getting to know certain doctrines more deeper, every monday is DEEP DOCTRINE MONDAY! and its suprising how much the scriptures tell us that we dont know :L I encourage you to follow the invitation that Moroni gives to us in full detail. R.P.P Read Ponder and Pray, emphasis on the Ponder and Pray part, pondering on a scripture or better yet a topic can take you to places never before seen, your view on the scriptures will be different and you will look at life in another perspective :D 

I testify that the scriptures are true, that through modern day revelation the true church of Jesus Christ was restored once again to the Earth, im grateful for our leaders, for my father in heaven and for Jesus Christ and all he has done for us. Love you family so much! 
Family Home Evening with Koia family

Elder Makai

Sunday, 12 April 2015

Week 16 General Conference

Week 16 General Conference!!!

Yes this week we had the beautiful blessing to attend all 5 sessions of General Conference, that is 10hours :O I was afraid that I would fall asleep, but i took notes and that kept me awake! We were able to get 2 Investigators and a Less active to the conference also :D But the talks that hit me were yes as always Elder Jeffrey R. Holland and Dieter F. Uchtdorf. I love the things you shared about some of the talks that impacted you Mum, just listening to the talks from the 1st Saturday morning conference whereas basically all the talks were based upon families and marriage. Its an obvious top subject and a true ordinance that we must all embark on one day, but at this moment here on the mission field im not worrying about it. Im here to serve the Lord, i can worry about myself later. Of course there is a need to focus on our future but at this present moment i will leave to the Lords hands.  I have been able to focus on many positive things about life, many positive things about my future. The Lord, The Apostles and the Prophet Thomas S. Monson have helped me to understand to never give up. "Twas I, but Tis not I" is a quote an apostle said, meaning "It was me, but it is not who I am". Who am I? is the question I have pondered on.. Am i who he wants me to be, am i doing what he wants me to do? am i where he wants me to be. No. I am who he needs me to be, im doing what he needs me to do, and i am where he needs me most. "You have been suffered here for a reason" We have been working with a young man who was baptised back in Auckland, he has been here in Mildura for 8months now looking for a job with no success. Yet he is living in his sisters house with a house full of non-members. One of his nieces is our new investigator, we expressed to him that he is here for a reason, he met us for a reason, the Lord knows that reason so find HIM.

The journey that I have overgone in my life was all done for a reason. The experiences i have endured throughout my life have helped me to become who i am today. You, Dad, Family, Catherine, My Close Boys, My school friends, Home teachers, Church Leaders (Both Mormon and other Religons) have ALL impacted my personal growth. The things i have learned, the support i have recieved, all helped me to become WHO I AM. So who am i? Well I am Taylor Matamaru Takairangi Makai, I have been born of goodly parents who love me and i love them. I am surrounded by the love of family and friends, who strives not to lead by example, but to show them who is leading by example. Our savior Jesus Christ. Twas I, But Tis not I. I was a boy once, but now im becoming a man. So what does it mean to become a man? 
1Cor 13:11 - "When I was a child, I spake as a child, I understood as a child, I thought as a child, but when i became a man, I put away childish things." <--- That is how we become men.

I still have a lot to learn, and im grateful for the experiences i have endured in this life. For the love i have felt the love i have given, im excited to see what the Lord has in store for us all. I leave my testimony that I know these things are true, i sustain President Thomas S. Monson and the rest of the Church Leadership. I love you all my family with all my heart. In the name of Jesus Christ, Amen.

Love you all
Elder Makai

My new Companion Elder Callahan far left from Utah

Tuesday, 7 April 2015

Week 15 Mildura

Week 15 Easter in Mildura

Hi everyone
It has been an awesome week here in Mildura South. We have had a lot of progress, we used this week to focus alot on Easter and the true meaning behind Easter. I learned that the word Easter is only mentioned ONCE in the whole Bible in Acts 12:4; through sharing that with people we went through what it says about Easter in the Bible Dictionary. A highlight for this week was being able to use the Easter Video in our finding efforts. We had decided to do a District Find this week from 6-7pm. Elder Callahan expressed how he has had a feeling towards this one street in our area for quite some time but he didnt want to go into it yet. Well that day i told him we will go on that street and see how it goes. We were having no luck at all and there was a point where discouragement was kicking in, Elder Callahan was beginning to doubt his feeling, but i remembered a small quote from Jeffrey R. Holland. "Doubt your Doubts before you Doubt your Faith" that is something i shared with him, and then after the next 2 houses we came across a man who was just getting ready to have a shower, we told him who we were and why we were here and asked if we could take 3min of his time to share a video. He accepted the invitation and let us into his home, then we watched the video. I paid close attention to his body language, and as the video progressed i could see him becoming more and more interested. At the conclusion of the video he expressed he grattitude to us in helping him to rekindle the spirit of Easter. We ended up staying at his place for around 30min because we shared with him part of the Restoration. He was our miracle, he was the reason why we were there. He is the reason why Elder Callahan had that feeling, that was the spirit prompting my companion to go there. We listened, We went and We worked (: Great week.

Here are some last pics with my companion Elder Purve-Ochir from Mongolia and our District leader before transfers. 

Love you all family and friends
Elder Makai