Sunday, 24 May 2015

Week 22 Read, Ponder and Pray

Week 22 Read Ponder and Pray

God is our father and we are all his kids,
he loves everyone of us every child is his,
he promise us happiness when we live righteous,
but only through Jesus can we live in Gods presence.

Thank you for the long and inspiring email Mum, What a great experience that was Last week. This week for us it was pretty tough to pick up the pace, but we talked about it last night and sorted out what to do, so hopefully we see the friuits and blessings in our results the following week. we are using the members more here! Alot of great potential in Mildura. But we have seen the blessings and fruits from being obedient and working hard. Something i have improved on is studying, being more in depth with the scriptures, there is so much that the scriptures tell us that we do not even know! Its amazingly suprising, dont just read, but follow what Moroni says. Read Ponder Pray, through these 3 simple steps i promise you all, that you will gain a deeper and more richer insight on the impact of one simple verse. It leads to a deeper understanding and knowledge of how true the book of mormon is, the promise made and sealed at the end is true, i testify this in the name of Jesus Christ Amen.

I love you all (: ! 
Elder Makai ZAAM

Monday, 11 May 2015

Week 20 Mothers day

Week 20 Happy Mothers/Sisters day

Kia Orana,Talofa! Malo! G'Day!
Hey family, sorry for the short email last week, had to drive down to Adelaide to get my new companion! Man he is awesome, solid missionary, he is from Utah. 3 missionaries were transferred meaning 3 new missionaries in our zone, awesome!!!

Elder Martineau - My companion from Utah
Elder McClutchie - New Zone Leader from Gisborne, Nz
Sister Siale - From Brisbane somewhere yet I have never met her lol.
So anyway its 3 great additions here in the ZMZ - Zion Mildura Zone! Oh what an exciting week it has been. We have been teaching a tongan/cookie family for quite some time now, and now we have a new investigator from within the household. Its exciting because she is more excited than the other two lol. Always keeping her commitments to read the book of Mormon and pray, just seeing the happiness from people is awesome! Im excited to be able to Skype you all tonight! Excuse me if I cry :L But yeah im pretty nervous too I don't know why. It will be cool though ill introduce you to the Seve family, its a samoan family that im really close with, great young family also we love them to bits. We have been out there just smashing finding. Its tough knocking doors all day and having them slammed in your face, but I turn to my companion and say "That's one door closer to our miracle". I know the Lord is preparing people for us to teach, and unless we go through our trials we will never reach our miracles. I hope my mothers day card arrived to you yesterday, I sent it through express mail on Saturday so anyway HAPPY MOTHERS DAY FOR YESTERDAY TO ALL THE MOTHERS <3
I think that something I really learned this week was to really study in depth, ive been utilizing my time more wisely but really pondering on things that I read. 1Nephi chapter 1 says more than I ever thought it would say, studying chapter by chapter, word by word and grabbing the deeper meaning behind it has helped me increase spiritually (: Study hard and with real intent, actually ponder the words to find the hidden message.
Anyway family I hope and pray that everything back home is going swell! Your always in my prayers, forever and always! Love you all endlessly, family is not by blood, we are all family.
ZAAM to no End
Elder Makai