Sunday, 24 May 2015

Week 22 Read, Ponder and Pray

Week 22 Read Ponder and Pray

God is our father and we are all his kids,
he loves everyone of us every child is his,
he promise us happiness when we live righteous,
but only through Jesus can we live in Gods presence.

Thank you for the long and inspiring email Mum, What a great experience that was Last week. This week for us it was pretty tough to pick up the pace, but we talked about it last night and sorted out what to do, so hopefully we see the friuits and blessings in our results the following week. we are using the members more here! Alot of great potential in Mildura. But we have seen the blessings and fruits from being obedient and working hard. Something i have improved on is studying, being more in depth with the scriptures, there is so much that the scriptures tell us that we do not even know! Its amazingly suprising, dont just read, but follow what Moroni says. Read Ponder Pray, through these 3 simple steps i promise you all, that you will gain a deeper and more richer insight on the impact of one simple verse. It leads to a deeper understanding and knowledge of how true the book of mormon is, the promise made and sealed at the end is true, i testify this in the name of Jesus Christ Amen.

I love you all (: ! 
Elder Makai ZAAM

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