Monday, 26 January 2015

Week 5 Email to Elder Crichton and Elder Lemusu


Hows it going my brothers!

Hope the life of a missionary is treating you well. Just a quick update on things I have heard from home, So if any of you know Owen Paasi who just returned from his mission, he has been called as the Ward Mission Leader in Heritage Park ward and is working on others in our ward in preparation to Serve. Also the arrival of my new sister happened last week. But then the best news is that first my cousin Evander Snidjer received his mission call to the PHILIPINES! He leaves next month! and SECOND Daelen Rahui has officially started his mission papers!

Last year was the Hastening of the Work, well this year should be the Hastening of the Hastening of the work lol. Just waiting to hear from Erehi and how he is going, would be AMAZING to see all our brotherhood out on the mission field, man imagine how great the reunion is going to be :D

Elders if you have any struggles on your mission, don't hesitate to contact eachother through here. We are a brotherhood, we are brothers in arms, though we are split to minister around the world we still link together stronger than ever! Alone we are weak, but together as ONE we are stronger then ever. Don't ever think your alone, the Lord is just a phone call away (Prayer) and he is the BEST psychiatrist that the world has to offer.

I exhort that you Elders put your whole heart might mind and soul into this work, for the coming of our saviour draws near, and the people that we walk past every day of our lives are children of God. You will not be held accountable for doing that work, but you will be held accountable if you do nothing.

SPEAK UP! Just because you are a new missionary does not give you reason to lay low and stay quiet. Staying quiet is of the devil, do not be found not doing the work elders. In district meetings or zone conferences voice your opinion for even us as new missionaries have the ability to receive Personal Revelation as does everyone else.

Atm im on trade-offs with my district leader which is pretty cool! Ive had a lot of experiences here in Adelaide and ill share them in my next email. Just for those who don't know im in the ZAAM! Which is Zion Australia Adelaide Mission, and here in the ZAAM we are BUILDING ZION! Through our efforts and working with the members we strive to be the best capable missionaries we can be.

2 years is a short time Elders, take EVERY opportunity that is granted, and love every person that you meet. Don't be dragged down into the pit, but PULL people up and OUT of the pit. You need to invite people to come unto Christ, encourage them to Catch That Wave because Waves don't last forever, but when we catch the wave we have that desire to continue catching it. Enjoy every second of your mission and DOUBT your DOUBTS before you DOUBT your FAITH!

Elders I have grown so much in so little time here in Adelaide. I and WE will continue to grow if we are persistent, diligent and EXACTLY OBEDIENT. Obedience brings blessings, EXACT Obedience brings miracles. Famous Quote by Thomas Edison (man who invented the light bulb) - "Many people come so close to success then give up when they are so close" I invite you elders to do everything on the mission to its full extent. No short-cuts, no lee-ways, but persevere and knock on that last door, for that last door maybe the door in which the Lord has someone there that he has been preparing for you to teach.

Something that I have learned over the past few weeks is that the Lord has sent Angels to prepare people to be taught by missionaries. We are not doing the Lords work. He is doing his own work, we are ASSISTING him in the work. As said in D&C - "I will hasten MY work in its time." The Lord said HE will hasten HIS work in its time. Don't lose faith my brothers, Kia Kaha - Be strong, don't forget your father in heaven, don't ever forget that he loves you. He will throw you in the deep end in order to strengthen you. I exhort you to continue to work and keep working until you feel like working. Don't lose the strength to do the work. Be diligent and the lord will prepare the way.

Elders you are both beloved brothers of mine and how great my joy is to know that you are also on missions. Cannot wait for our reunion in 2years and to hear your amazing stories. keep in touch my brothers. Love yous!

Elder Makai

Week 5 in ZAAM (Zion Australia Adelaide Mission)

Hi all
Sorry I'm a day late, the Library was closed yesterday due to Public Holiday.

 I shared my prayer experience with my mission president and he cried and said "I love you Son" President Carter reminds me of brother Ryter. He is such an inspired man and he genuinely loves each and every one of us!

That's awesome to hear about your prayers mum, I keep you and the family in my prayers all the time.

And thanks for posting the mail from the kids, I cannot wait to receive it. I'm keeping myself busy here in Adelaide and its proven to be a challenging mission, its perfect for me!

Give my love to the ward, I had this weird feeling last Thursday that Owen would be called as the Ward Mission Leader, I knew he would have what it takes to get these young guys out here on the field. I can't wait to write to them if you can please give me their addresses (:

Thanks Mum for your inspiring message about the Spirit its actually been my influence this week. My studies have improved immensely because I have relied on the spirit and its a basis in our mission. In our mission we aim to have not just a companionship but a DIVINE companionship which is 3 by 3. Me my companion and the Spirit. When times are hard I just find something to get my mind off things. I love the people I teach, love the people I contact and I picture EVERY SINGLE PERSON that I walk past or see as someone with the potential to be standing in the celestial kingdom, that gives me the courage to speak to them. Its through the power of the Holy Ghost that we are able to discern the people that the lord has prepared for us to teach. My companion and I are the only companionship in the ZONE to have 2 baptisms. There are no other baptisms in the zone, we are not being prideful, but we humble ourselves and remind ourselves that there is always room for improvement. I am not trying to boast or anything but just showing how hard it is in Adelaide. President Carter says that this is the BEST mission because unlike a lot of other missions that have baptisms every week, we face a lot of hard challenges. Also learning that the Adelaide mission would have been closed down if it wasn't for my current Bishop, Bishop Pressler who SAVED THE ZAAM! Basically the general authorities called bishop pressler as mission president about 10years ago and gave him 10months to get the mission on track otherwise its getting closed. And im so thankful to hear this story and I can relate to why he is a bit edgy on missionaries. Ill explain more in my next letter to you.

Thank you for the email and the good news from home, give everyone my love. I wont be seeing you until the end of my 24months :D

Love you always and forever Family
Elder Makai 

Sunday, 18 January 2015

Week 4...The power of Testimony

Power of Testimony

This week we have bought a less active member back to church, we have found a few new investigators and progressing with a lot of them. Committed another one to baptism which is great because their testimony is powerful. My companion and I were thrown in the deep end earlier this week which was a good experience. While contacting this small family approached us and asked if we were Mormons. We replied yes and then they started arguing about how we are not saved and how we worship the devil etc. Me and my companion stayed humble, we answered their questions with the spirit and at times they got lost for words because we answered them really well. But they kept pushing back to Joseph Smith being a free mason. We saw this was going no where so we kindly and sensitively shared our testimony, and invited them to follow what is said in the bible "If any of ye lack wisdom let him ask of God" because they don't KNOW everything about Joseph Smith and God does so we told them to ask the one man that they believe in. We also came across a strong Christian who invited us in and was happy to talk until we came to the topic of Joseph Smith. He tried showing us Anti-Mormon Videos but we kindly declined, shared our testimony again and left the house. On Saturday we went to his house and his heart had softened a lot. Because with the questions that we answered it made him think that maybe Mormons aren't what he thought they were. He gained his knowledge on Mormons through Anti-Mormon criteria, and its through his questions that the spirit testified what we share is true. He really pondered on things and it was great to see. He invited us to come back again before we left and we left a blessing upon him and his house until we meet again (:
Ive been losing myself in the work of the Lord. Ive been studying like ive never studied before. And my prayers.... I had an experience last night. Last night before bed I knelt down to pray. But in my prayers I said what I was thankful for... then paused... and I told heavenly father that tonight im not going to ask for things for me. Instead I asked for a blessing on practically every single person/group of people that I could think of. Whether it was family, friends, people I have done wrong to, people who have done wrong to me, the people who have no shelter, the people who have no food, my enemies, my loved ones, my leaders, the people who have impacted my life.... and at the end of the prayer I said "Father thou lookest on my heart, and know that from the bottom of my heart I love you." As I closed my prayer I stayed still with my eyes closed and listened..... and I felt.... the Lord say to me. "I Love you Son" I teared up and couldn't believe it... it touched me so much and there was nothing that had made me happier.
Mum I can testify that God is our loving heavenly father. Despite our struggles and imperfections he loves us regardless. "Humble yourselves before the Lord and he will show unto men their weakness... and we will make weak things strong" He is there, he is listening. I know that my father loves me, I know he hears my prayers, and I know that its not only me that he is looking over. He loves all his children and rejoices in when they pray to him. For he wants to talk to them. God never abandons people, people turn from God. Stay true, stay faithful, listen with spiritual ears and see with spiritual eyes, and you will see the blessings and miracles that the Lord has in store. Nothing can shake my faith in the my Father in Heaven. For I bear true witness that he is there, and that he loves us. This I leave with you in the Name of our savior Jesus Christ. Amen.

Mum that's awesome to hear and see that our beautiful Sister Taisha has finally arrived (:, I prayed constantly for you to both be comforted and invite the spirit during your labour/deliver. So happy to hear that you have been pretty busy too but remember to rest. It's great our email time has  been extended and its good too because I receive a lot of emails from other missionaries, The Boys, Brother Wroe, Family and everyone so the time is sufficient :L 

Every Monday after emails we go Costco and share a big pizza and do a shopping lol. Had a pretty great week here and continuing to learn more and more. Hope all is well back home.

Give my beautiful Sister Taisha a big kiss and hug.

Keep up your scripture reading

Love always 
Elder Makai

Sunday, 11 January 2015

Week 3 The Lord Has Strengthend Me Mum

HI Family and friends

Elder Makai and Elder Purve-Ochir from Mongolia

Everything has taken a turn for the better here. Ive found who I am and my purpose here. Ive made the decision to not be selfish for im not here for my benefit but for the benefit of others. Ever since I made that decision the Lord has strengthened me and made every day a great day whether it is a good or a bad day. This Sunday I was asked to confirm the Gift of the Holy Ghost to the investigator we are baptizing on Friday. WHAT A BLESSING!
My companion and I have really built a solid relationship. It shows how when your obedient to the Lord he will prepare a way. Ive been surviving on Tuna and Corn but ive cooked the past few nights. Had lamb chops one night, made some spaghetti bolognaise the other night, the zone leaders come over to our flat because they love my cooking lol.
We have helped a lot of people here and what im learning is something ill never forget. My trainer even though rejected many times he tries his best to still conversate with them about whats holding them back from listening to what we want to share. It shows me that he loves everyone and he wants them to experience happiness even if they give him the cold shoulder. We contact over 20people a day and are very busy throughout the week tbh.
The bishop is kind of ... different. He doesn't really like missionaries and refuses to shake their hand and sometimes ignores them. But apparently he has changed ever since I arrived so the missionaries said. They said he has begun to open up. I caught his attention and asked why he doesn't like missionaries. He said I don't really care and I told him that I respect him. He asked why would you respect someone that doesn't show you love. I told him that I respect him because he was called of God, and anyone that's called of God is worth loving, no matter how they treat you, I said that everyone is who I love, for its the same love that Christ showed the world. And us as representatives as Jesus Christ express that love for everyone. We cannot do this alone Bishop, for your calling as a bishop is to look over your ward or your kingdom, and we are here to invite people into this kingdom. He was speechless but now he interacts with us missionaries more and is more involved. ALSO our Ward Missionary Leader is THE MAN! He is so enthusiastic about missionary work and respects us so much. We missionaries love him and the work that he does for the ward for he gives up his own time to do missionary work.
But other than that all is fine mum (: Im having an amazing time here! Could you send through the Brown Hymn Book songs on usb please. Oh and yes I have been contacting Brandon, Elijah and Damian! Really good to hear from them, Hows Daelen going!? Send my love to them too.
Love you heaps always and forever!
Elder Makai
P.S - Inspired Scriptures to Read
Isaiah 29
2nephi 3:15-20

Sunday, 4 January 2015

Hi family
yes things have been really hard, but at the same time really great!!. It's been an emotional struggle but that's normal for the first 3 months apparently. My journey is challenging both physically and Spiritually but it's amazing. We are full time bikers and I'm assigned to the Downtown area which is the City of Adelaide. Past few days we biked all day in 42 degrees heat, but I told myself if it's the Lord's will, it shall be done. I've lost a lot of weight in the past few days too lol...

Last Saturday we baptized an investigator and I've already committed 2 people for baptism this month. It's amazing that the Lord has had people prepared for me and my Companion. I've constantly been seeking the 3rd member of our Companionship, The Holy Ghost and been trying my best to utilize him in all the Lord's Work. My Companion and I do our best to leave good impressions on people that aren't interested in our message, but we try to make sure that their impression on the Church strengthens significantly.

I miss you all so much but I'm doing my best to stay on the Lord's Errand.... In return I offer my full heart, might, mind and strength towards his cause..".. bringing to pass immortality and eternal life to all men" All is going well here in Adelaide during the day, I get lost in the Lord's work, I try my hardest to keep busy during the morning and night so I don't think too much of you all because it does get pretty emotional.

I love and miss you all, keep safe family, don't forget God is always watching.

Love always Elder Makai