Monday, 26 January 2015

Week 5 in ZAAM (Zion Australia Adelaide Mission)

Hi all
Sorry I'm a day late, the Library was closed yesterday due to Public Holiday.

 I shared my prayer experience with my mission president and he cried and said "I love you Son" President Carter reminds me of brother Ryter. He is such an inspired man and he genuinely loves each and every one of us!

That's awesome to hear about your prayers mum, I keep you and the family in my prayers all the time.

And thanks for posting the mail from the kids, I cannot wait to receive it. I'm keeping myself busy here in Adelaide and its proven to be a challenging mission, its perfect for me!

Give my love to the ward, I had this weird feeling last Thursday that Owen would be called as the Ward Mission Leader, I knew he would have what it takes to get these young guys out here on the field. I can't wait to write to them if you can please give me their addresses (:

Thanks Mum for your inspiring message about the Spirit its actually been my influence this week. My studies have improved immensely because I have relied on the spirit and its a basis in our mission. In our mission we aim to have not just a companionship but a DIVINE companionship which is 3 by 3. Me my companion and the Spirit. When times are hard I just find something to get my mind off things. I love the people I teach, love the people I contact and I picture EVERY SINGLE PERSON that I walk past or see as someone with the potential to be standing in the celestial kingdom, that gives me the courage to speak to them. Its through the power of the Holy Ghost that we are able to discern the people that the lord has prepared for us to teach. My companion and I are the only companionship in the ZONE to have 2 baptisms. There are no other baptisms in the zone, we are not being prideful, but we humble ourselves and remind ourselves that there is always room for improvement. I am not trying to boast or anything but just showing how hard it is in Adelaide. President Carter says that this is the BEST mission because unlike a lot of other missions that have baptisms every week, we face a lot of hard challenges. Also learning that the Adelaide mission would have been closed down if it wasn't for my current Bishop, Bishop Pressler who SAVED THE ZAAM! Basically the general authorities called bishop pressler as mission president about 10years ago and gave him 10months to get the mission on track otherwise its getting closed. And im so thankful to hear this story and I can relate to why he is a bit edgy on missionaries. Ill explain more in my next letter to you.

Thank you for the email and the good news from home, give everyone my love. I wont be seeing you until the end of my 24months :D

Love you always and forever Family
Elder Makai 

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