Sunday, 11 January 2015

Week 3 The Lord Has Strengthend Me Mum

HI Family and friends

Elder Makai and Elder Purve-Ochir from Mongolia

Everything has taken a turn for the better here. Ive found who I am and my purpose here. Ive made the decision to not be selfish for im not here for my benefit but for the benefit of others. Ever since I made that decision the Lord has strengthened me and made every day a great day whether it is a good or a bad day. This Sunday I was asked to confirm the Gift of the Holy Ghost to the investigator we are baptizing on Friday. WHAT A BLESSING!
My companion and I have really built a solid relationship. It shows how when your obedient to the Lord he will prepare a way. Ive been surviving on Tuna and Corn but ive cooked the past few nights. Had lamb chops one night, made some spaghetti bolognaise the other night, the zone leaders come over to our flat because they love my cooking lol.
We have helped a lot of people here and what im learning is something ill never forget. My trainer even though rejected many times he tries his best to still conversate with them about whats holding them back from listening to what we want to share. It shows me that he loves everyone and he wants them to experience happiness even if they give him the cold shoulder. We contact over 20people a day and are very busy throughout the week tbh.
The bishop is kind of ... different. He doesn't really like missionaries and refuses to shake their hand and sometimes ignores them. But apparently he has changed ever since I arrived so the missionaries said. They said he has begun to open up. I caught his attention and asked why he doesn't like missionaries. He said I don't really care and I told him that I respect him. He asked why would you respect someone that doesn't show you love. I told him that I respect him because he was called of God, and anyone that's called of God is worth loving, no matter how they treat you, I said that everyone is who I love, for its the same love that Christ showed the world. And us as representatives as Jesus Christ express that love for everyone. We cannot do this alone Bishop, for your calling as a bishop is to look over your ward or your kingdom, and we are here to invite people into this kingdom. He was speechless but now he interacts with us missionaries more and is more involved. ALSO our Ward Missionary Leader is THE MAN! He is so enthusiastic about missionary work and respects us so much. We missionaries love him and the work that he does for the ward for he gives up his own time to do missionary work.
But other than that all is fine mum (: Im having an amazing time here! Could you send through the Brown Hymn Book songs on usb please. Oh and yes I have been contacting Brandon, Elijah and Damian! Really good to hear from them, Hows Daelen going!? Send my love to them too.
Love you heaps always and forever!
Elder Makai
P.S - Inspired Scriptures to Read
Isaiah 29
2nephi 3:15-20

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