Sunday, 18 January 2015

Week 4...The power of Testimony

Power of Testimony

This week we have bought a less active member back to church, we have found a few new investigators and progressing with a lot of them. Committed another one to baptism which is great because their testimony is powerful. My companion and I were thrown in the deep end earlier this week which was a good experience. While contacting this small family approached us and asked if we were Mormons. We replied yes and then they started arguing about how we are not saved and how we worship the devil etc. Me and my companion stayed humble, we answered their questions with the spirit and at times they got lost for words because we answered them really well. But they kept pushing back to Joseph Smith being a free mason. We saw this was going no where so we kindly and sensitively shared our testimony, and invited them to follow what is said in the bible "If any of ye lack wisdom let him ask of God" because they don't KNOW everything about Joseph Smith and God does so we told them to ask the one man that they believe in. We also came across a strong Christian who invited us in and was happy to talk until we came to the topic of Joseph Smith. He tried showing us Anti-Mormon Videos but we kindly declined, shared our testimony again and left the house. On Saturday we went to his house and his heart had softened a lot. Because with the questions that we answered it made him think that maybe Mormons aren't what he thought they were. He gained his knowledge on Mormons through Anti-Mormon criteria, and its through his questions that the spirit testified what we share is true. He really pondered on things and it was great to see. He invited us to come back again before we left and we left a blessing upon him and his house until we meet again (:
Ive been losing myself in the work of the Lord. Ive been studying like ive never studied before. And my prayers.... I had an experience last night. Last night before bed I knelt down to pray. But in my prayers I said what I was thankful for... then paused... and I told heavenly father that tonight im not going to ask for things for me. Instead I asked for a blessing on practically every single person/group of people that I could think of. Whether it was family, friends, people I have done wrong to, people who have done wrong to me, the people who have no shelter, the people who have no food, my enemies, my loved ones, my leaders, the people who have impacted my life.... and at the end of the prayer I said "Father thou lookest on my heart, and know that from the bottom of my heart I love you." As I closed my prayer I stayed still with my eyes closed and listened..... and I felt.... the Lord say to me. "I Love you Son" I teared up and couldn't believe it... it touched me so much and there was nothing that had made me happier.
Mum I can testify that God is our loving heavenly father. Despite our struggles and imperfections he loves us regardless. "Humble yourselves before the Lord and he will show unto men their weakness... and we will make weak things strong" He is there, he is listening. I know that my father loves me, I know he hears my prayers, and I know that its not only me that he is looking over. He loves all his children and rejoices in when they pray to him. For he wants to talk to them. God never abandons people, people turn from God. Stay true, stay faithful, listen with spiritual ears and see with spiritual eyes, and you will see the blessings and miracles that the Lord has in store. Nothing can shake my faith in the my Father in Heaven. For I bear true witness that he is there, and that he loves us. This I leave with you in the Name of our savior Jesus Christ. Amen.

Mum that's awesome to hear and see that our beautiful Sister Taisha has finally arrived (:, I prayed constantly for you to both be comforted and invite the spirit during your labour/deliver. So happy to hear that you have been pretty busy too but remember to rest. It's great our email time has  been extended and its good too because I receive a lot of emails from other missionaries, The Boys, Brother Wroe, Family and everyone so the time is sufficient :L 

Every Monday after emails we go Costco and share a big pizza and do a shopping lol. Had a pretty great week here and continuing to learn more and more. Hope all is well back home.

Give my beautiful Sister Taisha a big kiss and hug.

Keep up your scripture reading

Love always 
Elder Makai

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  1. What a wonderful week you have had Elder Makai xx