Monday, 26 January 2015

Week 5 Email to Elder Crichton and Elder Lemusu


Hows it going my brothers!

Hope the life of a missionary is treating you well. Just a quick update on things I have heard from home, So if any of you know Owen Paasi who just returned from his mission, he has been called as the Ward Mission Leader in Heritage Park ward and is working on others in our ward in preparation to Serve. Also the arrival of my new sister happened last week. But then the best news is that first my cousin Evander Snidjer received his mission call to the PHILIPINES! He leaves next month! and SECOND Daelen Rahui has officially started his mission papers!

Last year was the Hastening of the Work, well this year should be the Hastening of the Hastening of the work lol. Just waiting to hear from Erehi and how he is going, would be AMAZING to see all our brotherhood out on the mission field, man imagine how great the reunion is going to be :D

Elders if you have any struggles on your mission, don't hesitate to contact eachother through here. We are a brotherhood, we are brothers in arms, though we are split to minister around the world we still link together stronger than ever! Alone we are weak, but together as ONE we are stronger then ever. Don't ever think your alone, the Lord is just a phone call away (Prayer) and he is the BEST psychiatrist that the world has to offer.

I exhort that you Elders put your whole heart might mind and soul into this work, for the coming of our saviour draws near, and the people that we walk past every day of our lives are children of God. You will not be held accountable for doing that work, but you will be held accountable if you do nothing.

SPEAK UP! Just because you are a new missionary does not give you reason to lay low and stay quiet. Staying quiet is of the devil, do not be found not doing the work elders. In district meetings or zone conferences voice your opinion for even us as new missionaries have the ability to receive Personal Revelation as does everyone else.

Atm im on trade-offs with my district leader which is pretty cool! Ive had a lot of experiences here in Adelaide and ill share them in my next email. Just for those who don't know im in the ZAAM! Which is Zion Australia Adelaide Mission, and here in the ZAAM we are BUILDING ZION! Through our efforts and working with the members we strive to be the best capable missionaries we can be.

2 years is a short time Elders, take EVERY opportunity that is granted, and love every person that you meet. Don't be dragged down into the pit, but PULL people up and OUT of the pit. You need to invite people to come unto Christ, encourage them to Catch That Wave because Waves don't last forever, but when we catch the wave we have that desire to continue catching it. Enjoy every second of your mission and DOUBT your DOUBTS before you DOUBT your FAITH!

Elders I have grown so much in so little time here in Adelaide. I and WE will continue to grow if we are persistent, diligent and EXACTLY OBEDIENT. Obedience brings blessings, EXACT Obedience brings miracles. Famous Quote by Thomas Edison (man who invented the light bulb) - "Many people come so close to success then give up when they are so close" I invite you elders to do everything on the mission to its full extent. No short-cuts, no lee-ways, but persevere and knock on that last door, for that last door maybe the door in which the Lord has someone there that he has been preparing for you to teach.

Something that I have learned over the past few weeks is that the Lord has sent Angels to prepare people to be taught by missionaries. We are not doing the Lords work. He is doing his own work, we are ASSISTING him in the work. As said in D&C - "I will hasten MY work in its time." The Lord said HE will hasten HIS work in its time. Don't lose faith my brothers, Kia Kaha - Be strong, don't forget your father in heaven, don't ever forget that he loves you. He will throw you in the deep end in order to strengthen you. I exhort you to continue to work and keep working until you feel like working. Don't lose the strength to do the work. Be diligent and the lord will prepare the way.

Elders you are both beloved brothers of mine and how great my joy is to know that you are also on missions. Cannot wait for our reunion in 2years and to hear your amazing stories. keep in touch my brothers. Love yous!

Elder Makai


  1. LOVE IT!!
    Such a beautiful example he is!!

  2. Thank you Elder Makai for sending this beautiful letter to our Elders... truly inspirational xx