Sunday, 1 February 2015

Week 6 Giving Service to those in need

Our Zone giving service for the bushfires

Last Saturday the victims of the bushfire requested the help of the missionaries again so we sprung to the work and worked from 8am-4pm. It was such an awesome experience we helped 3 houses (Firle Zone). After the service one of the house owners got us together and could not stop thanking us for the service that we had given, they were full of gratitude and could not believe the amount of work we had done in this short time, there is more to do but not at this moment they said they can do the small parts but when the big parts come they will definitely call on us. Our objective was to be missionaries but not to talk about the Gospel. We were there to be EXAMPLES and to lead and allow our light to shine. That happened and through that we planted a seed for others to help grow.
I taught an investigator about seeds also. But something that our Mission President said was "We are not here to plant seeds, we are here to help them grow from others in the past that planted them" I related it to an actual seed. What does a seed need to grow? Sunshine, Water, Nourishment?
Water - Baptism by Immersion for the Remission of Sins
Sunshine - Attending Sacrament and remembering the Covenants you have made and the Goal you have set in returning to live with God.
Nourishment - Learning more as you progress through life.
I can testify that we are all like seeds, but we continue to grow throughout the age. One thing I learned is that people fall inactive or less-active when the stop reading the book of Mormon. I pondered on that for a while and it bought me to the question that's "What is our religion without the Book of Mormon?" There it was... like a light in the darkness, a noise in the silence, a crack on a smooth surface. The Book of Mormon is the Key tool in CONVERSION. It is the keystone of our religion and a basis for our testimony. Without a keystone your arch will fall. Don't ever stop reading the book of Mormon for I PROMISE that as you read it EVERYDAY for atleast 5-10min that you will receive that spiritual light, that true witness of how the book of Mormon IS the word of God. There truly is power behind that book, and I encourage you to read it as much as you can. Humble yourselves before the Lord and Open your hearts to the spirit of God, feel the power of conversion and taste the nature of glory.

Time is of the essence. I love you all family so much, and as much as I want to be at home with you, im here in the Lords Vineyard, he knows that I am needed here and I WILL DO to the best of my ability what I can to work in his vineyard. My missionary goal is to be an INSPIRED missionary at all times, in all things and in all places. Small things that we do as missionaries are noticed, they affect other people, im so happy to be here in ZION! in the ZAAM! For we are going to turn the Adelaide mission into ZION! Who are of One Heart, and One Mind.

Elder Makai.


  1. Love your analogy Elder Makai! What a wonderful service project as well... much love from all of us xx

  2. Luv reading these :). Luv from us x