Wednesday, 25 February 2015

Week 9. Miracle Week

Amazing Miracles

Today was our Pday than back to Monday from next week.

We had such an eventful week full of miracles, blessings as we went to the Temple this week.
First of all thank you Mum for your 100 page letter hahaha. It has been an eye opener and I was able to share some of the things you said in it with some investigators which helped a lot!

This week My companion and I were asked by the district leader to give a training to the district on accountability. I asked my trainer if missionaries usually get assigned for this and he said no that's actually rare. So we were both grateful to give the training. Through the training I honestly was lost, I didn't know what I said neither can I remember. But it must have been good because I got really great comments and

We have been teaching this Vietnamese man in his home. Its funny how we found him, we were about 100m away and we saw him turn into his complex ,We caught up with him before he got to his apartment, he then invited us to come into his home. We taught him the restoration and invited him to pray. After his prayer he stood up with a big smile on his face. he said " I received something" we asked what it was that he received. he said "I felt something in my heart.  My companion and I were blown away, expressed our love and confirmed it to be the holy ghost testifying the truth to him. He attends church now:)
 Our recent convert Mark has informed us that he is teaching his mother the gospel. He skypes her because she lives in China and has been teaching her to pray. It is so great to see the example of young new converts to the Gospel already doing missionary work!

We had... an amazing miracle this week. So we visited a less active member of our ward and shared a great lesson, he told us he wants us to visit his friend who lives around the corner. So after that we went straight there. But to our surprise the house was empty and no one home, we made the decision to knock on the neighbors door and see if they knew where he moved to. A young lady answered the door and freaked out. She poured out in tears and told us she cannot believe we are here! We didn't know who she was and as she stepped outside in tears and sat on the ground crying we calmed her down and asked if we could be of any service. She said that she had JUST finished saying a prayer to God to help her because she had so many problems. As soon as she said Amen, WE KNOCKED AT THE DOOR. She was explaining about how when she answered the door it absolutely tripped her out. But after the visit she felt the presence of the savior and she wanted to learn more. We invited her to church and she actually came. It was such a blessing to see the Lord preparing people for us to teach. We love this work we do for we see it blessing the lives of others. I can testify that through obedience and diligence in the work that we do that the Lord will show unto us the people that HE has been preparing to receive his Gospel. It made me love this gospel more and strengthened my testimony immensely.

Love you family so much, but I know your all fine, I keep you in my prayers day and night and have trusted in the Lord to keep you safe, he has answered by keeping you safe from those cyclones. It really has been an eventful week mother, for the both of us. Give my love to all the family, friends and our ward. I love you all! Forever will!
Love always,
Elder Makai

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