Sunday, 1 March 2015

Week 10. Testimony

Share your testimony

Hi all

Well the bad weather that hit Melbourne didn't come anywhere near us at all. We had nothing but sunshine all week >< Wish there was a storm though its been hot, hope our families and friends are well.
I have been thinking about what to study when i come home. I have a strong desire to study in Uni, not sure what but i know the desire will come from above:)
Well im putting all my heart, might, mind and strength into this work so I can help my family. Help my brothers and sisters that roam the streets of Adelaide and invite them to come unto Christ and experience the tender mercy of the Infinite and Eternal atonement.

I have been thinking of brother and sister vessy, tell her I still use some of those ties that she gave me years ago! They came in handy :D I love her enthusiasm in the church and just the way that her and her husband conduct themselves wherever they are, true examples of Christ-like love for anyone and everyone (:

Yesterday was testimony sundays and we had a feeling that  it we were going to hear great testimonies from the ward members. Every single one talked about the atonement and the sacrifice Christ made for us, we had 3 investigators at church and they all felt the spirit. With smiles on their faces and tears in their eyes, they humbly thanked us for inviting them to take part in this beautiful Sacrament service, we have a few more baptism dates now and are working hard to prepare them for this sacred covenant or promise in baptism. That was my highlight for the week, to see the joy and happiness in the eyes and in the hearts of my brothers and sisters, of our investigators who are feeling the spirit strongly. It is through the joy of others that mine is created (: Something I picked up on interstingly while studying the Book of Mormon I wanted to share. in 2Nephi 9:39 the last 5 words "Spiritually Minded is Life Eternal" take the 1st letter of every word and its SMILE. Keep a smile on your face to be spiritually minded for as the scriptures teach THAT is life eternal. The happiness or that simple smile has the POWER to make someones day. The power to turn a bad day into good. It is a wonderful gift given from God to enlighten the hearts of others. A simple SMILE is Life Eternal that can go a long way (:
Well tell Tiana keep studying hard in seminary, im very proud if her, ill be sending a few letters back (individual ones) for everyone (: Thank you for everything family!
I love you all with a willing heart!

Elder Makai

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