Monday, 30 March 2015

Week 14 Zion Mildura

Zion Mildura:)

Hi Family and friends

I'm now serving in the ZION MILDURA SOUTH Area which is in VICTORIA! haha its closest to Melbourne. This place reminds me of home lol, its FULL of polynesians AND ive met some cook-islanders! 
The Koia family are absolutley amazing and also the Ariki family. They are 2 young couples both of 2 kids and just THIRST to do missionary work.

But ill start off from when i arrived. im teamed up with  the new district leader here in Mildura. We had to go to some outline areas in our zone, so i was on trade offs with one of my boys from the NZ MTC, who also is serving here in mildura which is great. 
We had a great time in Mildura North and South for 2 days. On my 3rd day back with Elder Callahan who is this big canadian boy, very very  humble guy though, we went to visit this samoan family. As we rocked up the husband yells out something to his wife in samoan and next minute she leaves and comes back with cornbeef, chicken, coconut cream, taro and fish and whips up a big feed for us and makes us finish it :L >.< Then we biked home that night and found a dinner box of maccas on our front door step!? then when we walked into our flat we get a call from Brother Koia saying he is dropping off some pizza for us! :L haha 3 dinners in one night but we didnt eat it all. Its still in the fridge. Im happy that im still full-time biker otherwise all that weight is going to come back. But its great in our flat we have some great weights, bench and boxing bag given by the members so im exercising every morning from 6.00am-7.30am. 

I love it here in Mildura everyone is sooooo nice! It suprised me but whether they are members or not they have a friendly nature about them. Its weird not being in the city but then again the Lord needs me here for a reason so im seeking it out. We have a pretty good teaching pool here at the moment and the work is just hastening.

. So brother Koia is from the Cook-Islands and so is his brother in law brother Ariki. Brother Ariki just got off a mission from Perth 2years ago and Brother Koia actually served here in the ZAAM! When he lived in melbourne he served here in Mildura and now he lives here lol. He is the current young mens president but does all that he can for missionary work. Its different from the city, in the city, here they WANT to do the work. This is like the most ACTIVE cook-island family, that i have ever seen :L It was so funny so we did a service for some non members by helping them move. And sister Koia was talking to the guy and they had a good conversation, then she invited him to come to church, and committed him to be baptised :O Im just like wow... i said to my companion "Elder, the members are doing our job" and then we both started laughing. But honestly mum thats what Mildura is like. All the missionaries have told me that Mildura is the place to serve, it truly is ZION! 

I can truly testify of what you said mum, The Savior Jesus Christ came to this Earth, he bled from every pore and suffered for us. He did this so that HE could UNDERSTAND how we felt in our darkest times, and that is why we always turn to him for help. Mosiah 7:33. The savior is always there. He wants to forgive,
but we need to act and ask.


I love you all family and i seal this testimony in the name of Jesus Christ.
Elder Makai

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