Tuesday, 7 April 2015

Week 15 Mildura

Week 15 Easter in Mildura

Hi everyone
It has been an awesome week here in Mildura South. We have had a lot of progress, we used this week to focus alot on Easter and the true meaning behind Easter. I learned that the word Easter is only mentioned ONCE in the whole Bible in Acts 12:4; through sharing that with people we went through what it says about Easter in the Bible Dictionary. A highlight for this week was being able to use the Easter Video in our finding efforts. We had decided to do a District Find this week from 6-7pm. Elder Callahan expressed how he has had a feeling towards this one street in our area for quite some time but he didnt want to go into it yet. Well that day i told him we will go on that street and see how it goes. We were having no luck at all and there was a point where discouragement was kicking in, Elder Callahan was beginning to doubt his feeling, but i remembered a small quote from Jeffrey R. Holland. "Doubt your Doubts before you Doubt your Faith" that is something i shared with him, and then after the next 2 houses we came across a man who was just getting ready to have a shower, we told him who we were and why we were here and asked if we could take 3min of his time to share a video. He accepted the invitation and let us into his home, then we watched the video. I paid close attention to his body language, and as the video progressed i could see him becoming more and more interested. At the conclusion of the video he expressed he grattitude to us in helping him to rekindle the spirit of Easter. We ended up staying at his place for around 30min because we shared with him part of the Restoration. He was our miracle, he was the reason why we were there. He is the reason why Elder Callahan had that feeling, that was the spirit prompting my companion to go there. We listened, We went and We worked (: Great week.

Here are some last pics with my companion Elder Purve-Ochir from Mongolia and our District leader before transfers. 

Love you all family and friends
Elder Makai

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