Monday, 20 April 2015

Week 17 Branch becomes a Ward

Week 17, Our Branch becomes a Ward!!!

We had a a great FHE with Koia family. It was amazing, just a great  fellowshipping activity that started with an awesome lesson from sister Koia about who we really are and ended in an activity famous in our household... Charades! 

It has been a pretty productive week. I believe that my spiritual highlight happened on Sunday. President and Sister Carter came up as well as the Firle stake Presidency for a special zone conference. A miracle occured. Mildura Branch is now Mildura Ward and part of the Adelaide Firle Stake. It was such a blessing to see the reactions on the members faces when it was announced, the whole chapel was filled with the spirit, many years this ward has laboured hard and now they have been found worthy and qualify to become a Ward and part of a stake! 

As the announcement was happening i payed close attention to the Branch President who has been newly called as the Bishop in Mildura Ward, its just a blessing to see the Fulfillment of D&C 88:73, the lord is hastening his work, their is an excitement here in the Ward and work is moving forward, we are working close with the members and really doing all we can to build Zion, its a great blessing to see the excitement for Missionary Work and we are excited to see what the Lord has in store (': It has been a pretty full on week this week, just alot of finding and teaching been happening and its pretty exciting! Transfers end in 2weeks then i will be hitting my 5month mark. I cant believe i turn 19 next month, i feel old hahaha.

 Well anyway im still loving it here on the mission field, its an amazing experience and i have learned sooo much. The thing i love here is getting to know certain doctrines more deeper, every monday is DEEP DOCTRINE MONDAY! and its suprising how much the scriptures tell us that we dont know :L I encourage you to follow the invitation that Moroni gives to us in full detail. R.P.P Read Ponder and Pray, emphasis on the Ponder and Pray part, pondering on a scripture or better yet a topic can take you to places never before seen, your view on the scriptures will be different and you will look at life in another perspective :D 

I testify that the scriptures are true, that through modern day revelation the true church of Jesus Christ was restored once again to the Earth, im grateful for our leaders, for my father in heaven and for Jesus Christ and all he has done for us. Love you family so much! 
Family Home Evening with Koia family

Elder Makai

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