Sunday, 15 February 2015

week 8 Blessings from being patient!!

Great blessings come from being Patient.

Hi everyone
I must say that something that has really stood out to me here on the mission is Christlike Attributes. One in particular which is Patience. President Thomas S. Monson quotes that " Patience is a heavenly virtue that is frequently forgotten" Back on the 11th of January we had contact with this Asian young man on the street and he was reluctant at first, he told us he is hardout studying and said maybe call him on the 13th of February to organize something. We didn't take it as much but we just put his name down on the 13th. So Friday was the 13th of Feb right and we looked at our calendar and saw his name, we both discussed who this "Peter" was for we could not remember him, and we looked for his number and found it in our phone. Still confused in our minds we called the number... he answered, we introduced ourselves as the missionaries. he replied "Yes I remember you, ive finished my exams and im free to meet you both tomorrow." It surprised us both but we still just set a time to see him. So it came to that day and when we saw him we remembered him lol. We taught him the Godhead, and through the influence of the Spirit, which I sort of doubted whether it was the spirit or not, but I felt to invite him to be baptized. To lead to it I spoke about Jesus Christ and his example here on Earth. After teaching a little bit about him I asked that question. "Will you Peter follow the example of Jesus Christ and be baptized by someone holding the priesthood authority of God?" With a smile on his face he said "I will". Patience is a heavenly virtue... if we had not written that mans name on our calendar we would never have called him. For that whole month the Lord prepared him to be taught by us and to make that sacred covenant with our heavenly Father. This is 1 of the great experiences I had this week.
My second experience came in what you have maybe seen in my letter if you have received it yet Mum. But it goes along the lines of how we had to stay in our flat for the whole of our day off. Though I was upset I pondered on Laman and Lemeul. They saw an angel and still murmured. I have seen the work of the Lord and his hand in our lives yet I murmured over LITTLE things. I was disappointed in that state of mind that I had and decided to turn to the scriptures. I studied the scriptures for 5hours straight. Reading... actually studying the book of enos helped me a lot. After I read Enos I myself dropped to my knees, and offered a mighty prayer unto the Lord asking for his forgiveness in my transgressions and short comings. It was then that I lifted my head and saw the picture of Jesus Christ with his hand out to a child lifting her from her bed, and I asked my self "What more can I do" through that question I continued my study of the scriptures on our day off. Just before I finished studying the scriptures we received a random text message from a number we had never before seen. It read " Hi elders, my name is Lisa, my friend introduced me to God and gave me this number to organize a time. I want to learn more. Thank you." Me and my companion looked at each other with amazement. Has the Lord answered our prayers? In all honesty we thought it was one of the missionaries playing a prank for that was transfer week and we don't have EVERYONES number. So we decided to call that number. To our surprise a Asian woman by the name of Lisa picked up the phone, we asked how she came in contact with the Mormon church and she said no her friend was Christian but gave this number because she was interested in learning more. We have no idea who this Malaysian friend is that she spoke of but we organized a time. So we taught her the next day the Godhead because she knew nothing! She loved the lesson and wanted to learn more. The next lesson we followed up on what she learned, we asked "Who is God to you" and she said "God is my loving heavenly father and he loves me and knows me individually" That surprised us immensely... She was prepared and ready. Lisa is now attending church and has committed to baptism. Can you see the Hand of God in this work!
Valentines day was our favourite, we knew people would be going to the city and we used it as an opportunity to find new investigators. Through it we found 2 new! It really shows that if we are truly diligent in our efforts and seek the Lords help that we can achieve what we have set out to do. 

Today after emails we as a Mission are all going to watch "Meet the Mormons".

Love you mum, love you family and friends. I hope all is well back home! <3

Elder Makai

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