Sunday, 8 February 2015

week 7 Hastening My Work

I will Hasten MY Work

This week's baptism

D&C 88:73 - "I will hasten MY work in its time"
How great the joy to see the blessings of the Lord hastening his work but starting in his fold. To hear the news of 2 new wards back home really shows how the Lords hand is working here with us. I would like to personally thank Bishop Kepu for all the assistance, upliftment, nourishment, care, love and kindness towards myself and my family. Also to his family who have played a major role in helping Bishop through his calling. I would not be on this field if it were not for Bishop Kepu, it strengthened my testimony of how the Lord truly calls these people to look over his children. Bishop Chong-Nee has now been given that authority and responsibility to look after a portion of the Lords Vineyard. Continue to bring forth good fruit out of his vineyard and produce many talented and consecrated missionaries out of the depths of Heritage Park Ward. "For the Field is white already to harvest"
Brothers and Sisters of Heritage Park Ward I want to give my thanks for the support and love you have shown for my family and I, You all bring great joy to us as converts to the church and shown us the Pure Love of Christ. The Light of Christ shines bright in every single one of your souls, I saw it as a stood at the podium for the last time in 2years and as i looked out to all your smiling faces I could not explain the joy that filled my heart. There was a brightness that filled the room and the spirit flowed strongly through the veins of your body. This my family is the hastening of his work, can you see how God is working with you?
I testify that God IS our loving Heavenly Father, that he works closely with us, that Jesus is my saviour and Redeemer, that God the Father, Christ the Son and the Holy Ghost work in perfect harmony with each other. Im so happy to hear how well the ward is doing. I keep the ward in my prayers always, I wish that you are all doing well especially The Paasi family, Fiu and Saulo family who have their children out there doing the work of our father. My love for you all is eternal and i pray that you will all continue to live in harmony with God and his Gospel. If you are ever in need of help or assistance I invite you to "Move foward with your eyes up" look towards the Lord for his helping hand, and press foward with a steadfastness in Christ, I love you all HP!

Elder Autele from American Samoa
finishes his mission this Thursday.
He's a greatly inspired missionary

Elder Makai

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