Sunday, 4 January 2015

Hi family
yes things have been really hard, but at the same time really great!!. It's been an emotional struggle but that's normal for the first 3 months apparently. My journey is challenging both physically and Spiritually but it's amazing. We are full time bikers and I'm assigned to the Downtown area which is the City of Adelaide. Past few days we biked all day in 42 degrees heat, but I told myself if it's the Lord's will, it shall be done. I've lost a lot of weight in the past few days too lol...

Last Saturday we baptized an investigator and I've already committed 2 people for baptism this month. It's amazing that the Lord has had people prepared for me and my Companion. I've constantly been seeking the 3rd member of our Companionship, The Holy Ghost and been trying my best to utilize him in all the Lord's Work. My Companion and I do our best to leave good impressions on people that aren't interested in our message, but we try to make sure that their impression on the Church strengthens significantly.

I miss you all so much but I'm doing my best to stay on the Lord's Errand.... In return I offer my full heart, might, mind and strength towards his cause..".. bringing to pass immortality and eternal life to all men" All is going well here in Adelaide during the day, I get lost in the Lord's work, I try my hardest to keep busy during the morning and night so I don't think too much of you all because it does get pretty emotional.

I love and miss you all, keep safe family, don't forget God is always watching.

Love always Elder Makai


  1. Loving your updates Elder Makai ... #SWH... xx

  2. Awww thanx Sis, man I'm hoping my tears are going to dry up soon, I'll bring it down to the pregnancy, I'm still missing him terribly:( so I take to prayer more now than ever before to help calm my mommy separation lol..... luv to you all Sis, Makai family xxxxxx