Monday, 15 June 2015

Week 25 It's been Tough

Week 25

Sorry about last week! Its been really tough lately. The work is hard atm, people not progressing and so forth. Transfers up, im staying in Mildura for another 6weeks, with Elder Martineau again, we are getting 3 new missionaries and plus 2 new areas are being opened up in our zone, so we will have quite a large zone now (: 

Its been a rough few weeks aye haha. My companion has been sick for the past 2weeks so i was stuck in the flat which was absolutley horrible >.< I tried to use the time productively, so I studied as much as I could. I did not want to sleep during the day because I didnt want to be up all night, and though it was really difficult i got through. May not sound like one of the hardest times on a mission, staying in the flat for 2weeks straight, like people would think thats a mean holiday. But its honestly its real hard... especially for missionaries. Throughout the 2weeks my companion slept basically, I was awake, by myself, in the flat.. doing all i could to stay sane. Temptation always crept, thoughts always came to mind, and I could tell he was playing around with me. It really tested me but I got through it mum I got through it, I really dislike  staying in the flat, I just am eager to go out and work, always am always have been, its funny at home I would rather stay indoors and play games all day, yet now im eager to be out, doing something productive! 

I hate to sound like im complaining but yeah its been really tough lately, but im still standing strong! Our zone leader Elder Flinders is being transferred, one of my favourite missionaries, he is the man! But im looking forward to the new transfer, I cannot wait, just have to really knuckle down and get to work, do everything that I can, letters and emails from you and the family have always been encouragement, motivation etc. It honestly is one of the highlights when being a missionary, seeing a package or letter that is for you :L Seriously it is! :L Like this morning i got a package from Marcia Crichton, sent some cool things as a birthday gift.  Please thank them so much!!!(:

During the time that I was in the flat I had alot of time to think... back on the past, on things i have done, things i have been taught and also lessons i learned. Looking back ive been a pretty selfish person, haha. I remember alot of times I would get compliments from other people back then saying how humble i was, but looking through my past, there have been alot that I have done. Lol its only 19years but that was alot of things. Its been a big rollercoaster but there have been unique moments in my life that have helped me along the way. You and dad play the major role in my life, as parents and best friends. I will forever be grateful for that. The scriptures say alot, but I cant explain it to be honest, i dont want to go too deep on things I have learned, but though im like so drained it has been an awesome experience! Sorry not been, it IS an awesome experience, I only have 18months left and thats crazy, time has flown by so fast! 

Its funny I had this experience that I dont think I shared with you before. It was the end of my first transfer (First 6weeks) in the mission. I told my companion I want to go home, he was very suprised to hear that lol but it wasnt for the reason that he was thinking. My first 6weeks were tough but great. I told him that I wanted to go home and teach my family and everyone about everything that I have learned so far. Then i thought about how much more I can learn. Its not the fact that I want to come home, its the fact that from what I have learned, I want to share it with others. Not just over an email, a blog or a computer. But to be there, to expound all things, to share, to testify, to nurutre and to love. I cannot turn my back, not after the past 6months, not even after the 2years. Its not a 2year service, but its the beginning of a change, so many uplifting moments, though we get dragged down. So many spiritual highlights, even when we are tested hard. The love and kindness of our saviour is perfect, the mercy is granted under a condition. "Go and sin no more..." 1Nephi 1:1 - "...and i was taught somewhat in all the learning of my father..." We can learn alot from our father in heaven. If we have the eyes to see, the ears to hear and the heart to feel, we can BECOM

I love you alL
Elder Makai ZAAM

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