Monday, 22 June 2015

Week 26 Another Miracle!!

Week 26. Another Miracle!!!

Hey its me! Just emailing a bit late because this morning we went and did a service, just helped a neighbour move house so it was pretty cool. Got heaps new missionaries in the zone which is great. Met another Elder named Elder Togia who is also from Brisbane lol. We know alot of the same people and just getting closer together as well as working harder than ever! 

Really weird week this week, So many different things happened, things just escalated real quick but its no worries we still have alot of work to do. Ended up being a good week though, we found someone tracting who wanted to be baptised! LIKE SERIOUS THATS A MIRACLE! When do you ever knock on someones door and they want to be baptised!? Here is the story behind it:

Elder Togia and I were tracting (door knocking) on this one street, it was literally the first house. Funny thing about this one street is that for so long we have planned to tract there, yet something else always seemed to take us a different way and we didnt know, yet the other day we just manned up and went to the street. Then the first door we knocked and a lady came out and was talking to us, out of the blue just an impression came to mind about baptism (By the way we werent talking anything about baptism before) and i was going to bring it up but hesitated and spoke about something else. Then again the same feeling came and i just asked the question "Have you been baptised before?" in the middle of a conversation, honestly it was random as! But she looked at us and replied "No, but I want to be..." We paused for some time and allowed the spirit to work on her, but really we were just shocked with the response. We told her abit about ourselves and what we do and invited her to take discussions or to learn more and understand about our unique message to the world (': It was a great experience from tracting and cannot wait to see how many other people the Lord is preparing for us.

I love you all, with my heart and soul. Families are certainly Forever Mum!!

Elder Makai

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