Tuesday, 30 June 2015

Week 27 Prompted to teach about Prayer

Week 27 Prompted to teach about Prayer

How are we familia!

Its a beautiful day here in the zAAM! We are no longer on bikes haha, we finally got a car, because the Zone Leaders cant drive so the office gave us the car lol. But it should be good, hopefully dont put on too much weight aye haha. Its been pretty amazing seeing all the photos of home, especially your time with the lucky Missionaries. They're lucky I miss your cooking hahaha. Algoods hope everything is going well, was awesome to see some pictures of Kiki (: She looks heaps bigger aye!

Got a few emails from the family, which is awesome! Its funny people are starting to ask questions, the most common one is "How is the mission going?" -_- That is one of the hardest questions ever haha! There is so much that I can say and not enough words to describe it. But what I can say is that its been one big experience. An amazing experience, and yes I have had my struggles, emotional, spiritual, physical, temporal and all the above, but without that there is no learning and growing. Without us being able to access the atonement I have no idea how we can progress eternally. Maybe each week when you email me you can come up with some questions? It makes it easier to email back haha, because its hard emailing, too many thoughts going through my head and trying to organise my thoughts and such. Been really good lately though, just working so close with the members, setting appointments and things, had some pretty cool miracles with members. Monday night we went to see our investigator but this time we took a member, we were able to enter the home and have a little sit down, we felt prompted to teach about prayer, what a great inspirtation that was, it touched his heart and he had tear filled eyes as he closed with a prayer. That moment, from the experiences and testimony born by the member we invited, he was able to touch our investigators heart. Its amazing how much of an impact members can truly have, they dont even know it untill they go out and find out for themselves! And thats what i cant wait to do when i come home, but before i even think about coming home my focus is on the people here, the people i serve, that we serve and help bring closer to Christ.

Yesterday we witnessed one of the boys here in Mildura opening his mission call. He was called to serve in the Phlipines Naga mission! Leaves August 14, awesome experience, his twin brother is currently serving in PNG! To great boys, To amazing missionaries. The work is hastening alot in mildura and we are working to keep it progressing (: Hoping, Praying and Fasting for the best.

Oh I met a couple from Brisbane yesterday too! Its a return missionary who was the AP in this mission before. He finished Decemeber last year so when i came he finished. Him and his wife came and visited mildura, and guess what, they are in Marsden Ward. And also the wife did your hair a few times haha. Had a good chat and catch up with them and it was cool to see some people that I sort of knew lol. She updated me on some of the boys back home that have left or leaving on missions so cant wait to hear more about that (':

It was great to hear how you are all doing. We have a busy week ahead of us. Thank you all for writing and emailing me, I'm so grateful. Love you all, always for all time and eternity.

Elder Makai

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