Wednesday, 31 December 2014

Dec 20th 2014 Life in NZ MTC

Life In the MTC is such a great experience and even better journey. I'm finding apart of me I have never seen and discerning my role here and now.
I'm more alert, clean and punctual. I attend to the needs of all missionaries so this becomes a good experience for them. I look out for those missionaries and love them dearly.

I trust in the Lord dearly with my family. Through teaching, a scripture that has helped me is D&C 84:85 read and you will understand. Also Alma 31;35 is a great missionary scripture, but Moses 7:18 ties it all together.

Being here has truly made me a different person. I guess I'm just becoming more wise haha.

I'm really enjoying myself here, the company of other Elders with me are pretty cool. Being surrounded by those with the same desire is Powerful.

I hope all is well with everyone, ensure my love and prayers for all is strong. I am safe and well, not to worry. I'm in the Lord's hands. May the spirit guide you to peace and eternal glory.

Elder Makai xx

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